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I hate feeling like an obligation. I feel incredibly unmotivated. But I don’t want to ask for help because everybody has so much on their plate.

I feel anchored to this house, it’s where I need to be but also what’s bringing me down so much. And I hate resenting that. My pops needs me, but what about my needs? I guess I’ll just put them aside for now, there’s too much work to be done.



 Stones and Bones by DZO olivierArtiphist

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Born in a family environment conducive to graphic arts, the Graduate School of Fine Arts in Toulouse coming validate my vocation after 5 years of study. Attracted by all forms of artistic expression, it is first as a graphic designer I learns the techniques of image creation with a predilection for drawing and generally for anything that does not depend digital Design. The discovery of interactive pen displays however, offers me new horizons and now I do not impose any constraint in terms of pictures conception. Mixing styles and techniques is my way. This portfolio shows my personal artwor


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Anonymous asked: That's so good for you and shane :) but that wasn't really the kind of crazy i was asking about lol, anything wild you two have been through?


I’m sorry, but you did say “crazy love/relationship” stories.  Why is not crazy to you to be in an amazing relationship with another human being for a very large chunk of your life?  It is wild to me that at the age of eighteen I starting dating that man, and I know very well that I can see us staying together for a very long time.  It is wild to me that there is this other person in my life who knows almost everything about me, and it is wild to me that I have a best friend and love in the same human. 

Can I be mega sappy and just point out how much I love this woman? She has been such a positive force in my life and is perfect for me.